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1. Make a gnome, get to level 5, set the HS near a mailbox.
2. Run to the Ironforge AH and buy 40-45 Rough Stones, 72 copper bars and 12 linen cloth
3. Run to the middle of IF, train BS, take the quest from “Tormus Deepforge”
4. Make ~33 Rough Sharpening Stones until 30 BS skill
5. Make 4 Rough Grinding Stone until 34 BS skill
6. Make 6 Copper Axe(buy blacksmith hammer and 6 weak flux from the nearby BS supplier)
7. Make 6 Copper Chain Belt
8. Run to Lock Modan to deliver the quest to “Thorvald Deepforge”
9. HS to a mailbox, send to a neutral AH alt, then transfer the recipe to Horde and earn yourself a nice 5-9k gold at the AH

It’s all done in ~40-45 minutes. Potentially 13500 gold per hour.

Delete char, and repeat until you feel you have enough stock. 🙂


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Cata has been out a while, the initial goblin/worgen leveling race is over, but now people have started to get bored with their main, and leveling again. Leveling alts, it’s a never-ending story. (more…)

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I will be explaining different parts of this addon in later articles, but for now you need to know how to optimize scanning, and configure Auctioneer to make your auction house time minimal.

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